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Emily Horne and her vegan family have been living in Paris since the summer of 2007.  After 22 years of vegetarianism (in Tokyo, SoCal and a previous period doing a homestay with a furrier in Lyon) she is happily enjoying the city of light and not starving to death. Emily is always on the look out for fun vegan eating experiences and if they are organic, fresh and raw then that’s even better.


Sharing a Salad in the Parc Floral
Sharing a Salad in the Parc Floral


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  1. Agnes Catton Avatar
    Agnes Catton

    Hi Emily! I finally got to read your work this morning. It’s great. I can’t wait to try all of your ideas and go to these new places.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Katie Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I just moved to Paris last week with another vegan friend of mine. We’ve overcome the panic of “What the heck are we gonna eat here?,” but we haven’t really figured out how to do it cheaply without making everything ourselves and sticking to the basics.

    Your blog is fantastic and I’m thrilled to have found it! I’m on a serious budget, however, and can’t always tell from your posts what is in my price range and what isn’t. I can only imagine how busy you are, but if you have time, could you please make a post recommending things for the vegan on a budget?

    Thank you so much!


  3. veganparis Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    Welcome to Paris! I’m glad you found my blog. Paris is not an easy place to stick to a budget… What a great idea for a post: I’ll write what I know next time.

    If you come across any great finds, I’d love to hear about it.


  4. Mimi Kang Avatar
    Mimi Kang

    Hey Emily!

    Nice blog! So there are more vegan possibilities in Paris than I thought… Did recognize a charming young singer in some photos!

    My friend Nadege’s blog is lablondeecolo.com (Humanité, égalité, biodiversité) if you want to take a look.

    A bientot!

  5. Anna Avatar

    hi emily,

    i love your blog!

    i was wondering where to get egg replacer and soy flour etc. here in paris. i couldn’t find anything at the health food stores i’ve been to so far. maybe you could help me out on where to get all those ingredients for vegan baking. that’d be fantastic 🙂

    thanks so much!


    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Anna,
      I’m so happy you like my blog! Vegan baking in Paris takes some getting used to. In response to your question, I’ve written a new post about vegan baking. I hope you find it useful. http://veganparis.com/2009/03/02/vegan-baking-in-paris/

  6. Gaby Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I am so glad to have found your website. My partner is vegan and we are visiting Paris next week and it’s been such a great help. You’ve really done a great job!

    This may be a ridiculous and unrealistic question, but could you recommend any patisseries or cafes which do vegan cakes? I am a huge fan of tea and cake but I really hate it when I am scoffing away and there’s nothing vegan for my partner to eat.

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.

    Gaby (London)

  7. veganparis Avatar

    Hi Gaby,

    I wish I knew the perfect place to recommend but so far I haven’t found it. The vegetarian restaurants are your best bet. Here are the ones I think would be best for tea and cake:

    La Victoire Suprême du Coeur is a vegan restaurant and they serve tea and cake. It’s on a cute little street (my street actually). Sit by the window: it’s nice for people watching. Across the street is Marriage Frères, the famous old tea shop with a little tea museum upstairs.

    Les Saveurs Végét’halles: Almost all-vegan resto at Les Halles. Yummy vegan cakes and nice selection of teas. A couple of tables out front. I think you might get some nice weather.

    Guen Mai: Behind St. Germain des Près. Macrobiotic place. I enjoyed a vegan fruit tart here at their sidewalk tables.

    Potager du Marais: Cozy little organic place near Centre Pompidou. Nice desserts and they don’t close between lunch and dinner, so perfect for afternoon tea.

    (Check out my list of vegetarian restaurants on the top-right for details.) Hope this helps and have a great time!


  8. Gaby Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for all your help. We’ve been studying your lists and recommendations and they’ve been so useful. I really cannot wait to leave for Paris. I hope we have good weather (fingers crossed).

    I didn’t know about Marriage Frères – I love tea paraphernalia so I will definitely be checking that place out! We’re also very excited about La Victoire – I think we’ll do brunch there!

    If you ever visit London and need vegan recommendations, please do get in touch, I’d be happy to help and return your favours!

    Take care,


  9. becky Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the tips–some places that I will definitely be checking out, esp Pousse-Pousse and Bob’s Juice!

    I live in Cape Town and will be in Paris at the end of the month for a week–used to live there when I was veg but that was soo long ago and I subsisted on bread and fruit. I’m no longer strict veg but raw is my preference–I hadn’t heard that there is a raw restaurant there yet so I’m psyched to try it out. And there is no better way to start the day than with green juice–I may change my hotel to be closer to Bob’s!

    BTW do you have any suggestions for places that have gluten-free patisseries?

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Becky,

      Gosh, I haven’t noticed any places that have gluten-free patisseries, but then again I hadn’t been looking. I know Pousse-Pousse is very mindful of gluten, and as they are not a 100% raw restaurant they do have some baked desserts: possibly gluten-free. The natural food stores have gluten-free sections with some really delicious vegan biscuits.

      Have a nice vacation!

  10. Dolly B Avatar
    Dolly B

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    I will be in Paris for 4 days in April and am now feeling more prepared about where to go to eat, just need to fit them into my sightseeing schedule. As you know being a vegan and going out, let alone going on holiday, means a lot of organisation!

    Kind regards.

  11. Dieter Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I’m coming to paris this weekend and me and my girlfriend are planning to visit some of your favourite restaurants. Thanks for the tips.
    I have a question. Can you tell me were I can find stores that sell nice vegan shoes? (I ‘m not looking for something special, for example the black, classic vans shoes would do, but overhere they are hard to find.)
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Amir Avatar

    Just wanted to say thank you for this site!
    I’m travelling with my like vegan soulmate to Paris this summer, and finding information about good restaurants and cafes has been suprisingly difficult. Your blog offers excellent on-the-spot information, and is also grapfically very pleasing. Just what I was looking for.


  13. Holly Avatar

    Wonderful work Em! The site is beautiful and the content wonderful. Keep it up and I shall follow!

  14. Catherine Avatar

    Hi Emily!

    I am so thankful to you for this incredible website. I lived in Paris in Spring 2008 for 6 months and am planning to return this Fall for graduate school. I only became a vegan about a month ago and have been very worried about keeping up my veganism in Paris. I live in Los Angeles right now and it’s extremely vegan-friendly; I was having trouble racking my brain trying to remember if I could eat at any restaurants in Paris. Thank you thank you!

    Most sincerely,

  15. Catherine Avatar


    By the way I am Lebanese. I love that you listed all the Lebanese restaurants in Paris 🙂 This helps me so much in finding my home food AND vegan food 🙂

  16. Paul Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    Do you know of any vegan hotels in Paris? Searching the web, it seems there are loads of restaurants now, but no hotels!

    Many thanks


    1. veganparis Avatar

      I have searched too and come up with nothing. What I did before I moved here was use rentparis.com to find a nice small apartment, usually cheaper than a hotel, where I could prepare my own food from the markets and natural food stores.

      1. Roger Avatar

        Hi Emily,

        There is now! http://www.gentlegourmetbandb.com/

        I’m not sure how expensive Paris is as I’ve never been but the tariffs came as a bit of a shock! It seems very close to the centre so seems a good location for a long weekend.


      2. veganparis Avatar

        Wow! It looks really spectacular. I’ll have to do a post on it to spread the word. And maybe I will even stay there next year, it looks so great. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news.


      3. marco Avatar


  17. Jeanette Avatar

    Hi Emily!

    Your website is amazing, I’m a teen vegan living in the suburbs of Paris. I’ve been getting along ok but I have a few questions. Do you know where to find greens, like kale of chard? Also you have a vitamix, did you buy it in France, or bring it over from the US.

    Thank you again for this wonderful site it has been so helpful to me.

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Thanks for the kind words. Great questions. Don’t get me started about kale! From what I know, it just isn’t grown here… but I have had the pleasure of eating it in England, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Belgium. I have found swiss chard, called ‘blette’ in French, at farmers markets and natural food stores.
      I did buy my vitamix in the US, but I was lucky enough to find the last 240v model with French-style plug for sale in the States. You can get them also from a Belgian company at groenedag.org. 2 years ago, they quoted me a price of €680 plus €30 shipping.


  18. Shawn Avatar

    Emily- I wanted to take a moment to thank you. We used your suggestions with great success to eat fantastic Parisian vegan food in March. I’m not sure what we would have done without you. Thanks again. Eri and Shawn; Tokyo, Japan

  19. Jeanette Avatar

    Do you want the vegnews link here, or should i send it to your e-mail?

  20. Jeanette Avatar

    I got the ok from my mom, about the vitamix. So if Bob’s dose not want it, we will take it off your hands

  21. Lauren Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    I’m a vegan American who will be living in Maisons Laffitte (just outside of Paris) for a year beginning in the end of August. I come from a very veg-friendly area, and am a little daunted by being vegan within a non-vegan french family (I am supposed to take my meals with them) Reading your website has been affirming in knowing there are vegan possibilities close by and veg friendly individuals in Paris, but do you have any tips for explaining/dealing with non-vegan Frenchies? Also, do you know of any vegetarian/vegan communities/societies in Paris? It would be so great to make some veg friends in the area. Thank you!!!

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Lauren,

      In the 90s, I was in a similar situation to yours only even better because I was staying with a furrier! At that time, I was unsuccessful in staying vegan. Nowadays, I wouldn’t be willing to make such a compromise but things have changed a lot since then, thanks to the internet. But from my second experience with staying with a French family I learned the following tips:

      1) Make sure the family are well informed in advance about what a vegan is: they do not know
      2) Actively participate in making vegan meals for the family: they may find it exotic
      3) My second host mother was willing to add specific items to her family grocery list to accommodate me, so talk to your family about your grocery shopping needs.
      4) Be prepared for your diet to be challenged or criticized: I wouldn’t recommend trying to prove your diet is better for French people than their traditional way, but just show your enthusiasm for how your diet works for you and also be extra enthusiastic about the many great Vegetable dishes that they do eat very frequently.

      There is a vegan society, but I was never able to get involved with them. You’ll see them evangelizing outside Les Halles from time to time.

      I hope you have a wonderful time and I am sure that you will have the whole family vegan by the end of the year. Just kidding!


  22. shellyfish Avatar

    Hi! I just found you! I have a friend visiting Paris, and while I gave her a few of my favourite addresses, I’m going to send her the link to your restaurant list – I just don’t get up to Paris as often as I used to anymore!

  23. Laure Avatar

    We’re always happy to meet other vegan families. We will be organising a pic nic this August if you’re around and want to come.
    Nice blog:)

  24. Jeanette Avatar

    Is the Pic nic in Pairs?

  25. Laure Avatar

    Yes it is. Well in Neuilly-sur-seine on the line 1. We’re also thinking about having a play group. If you are a vege family you can register on veganfamilies.eu and fill out your sheet on the “Famap” (family map), it is a member only zone where you can leave your email. The website is far from perfect yet but it’s a good start at networking vege families. Or you can just pick up my email on it (we’re the ones on the west side of Paris with a 2 yo little girl).

  26. Jeanette Avatar

    Cool, I’m a teen vegan in a non-vegan family, and I live in the west suburbs.

  27. Scarlet Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I noticed you haven’t got a lot of info on Aquarius, so thought I might give you a quick unsolicited review 🙂

    They had a long list of daily specials, – all but one contained cheese or butter when we went – , which make up a menu…we explained to the waitress that we are vegan, and she was enthusiastic and very helpful in trying to accommodate us. Only problem was the chef, who we could hear yelling at her from the kitchen that we had to take what was on offer! There were two entrees that we could have from the list (tabouli or gazpacho; the tabouli was ok, and very tiny) and the only vegan main was an indian curry and rice plate (also ok and quite small). For dessert, we skipped the creme brulee and long list of pastries for a mediocre fruit salad. We also had a couple of fresh fruit juices, which were fantastic, but 5 euros for a glass about half the size of a normal french one. The best part of the meal was the bread basket, which contained a beautiful wholemeal seeded bread.
    Overall, the meal was nice, and the place is comfortable and pretty, but for the price I would have been happier with a picnic or a falafel.

    Hope that was helpful to you (and visitors to the website!)

  28. marco Avatar

    Hey !
    I’m looking for a not expensive (or for free) sleeping place in Paris, between 8th and 13rd of September.

    I’m Italian, 27 years old, vegan chef in London.
    I’ll be there to see some veg restaurants.
    Can you help me, please ?


  29. cathy Avatar


    I m french female vegan (35) and i d like to come in Paris twice a year but my family doesn’t like to welcome me..because i m vegan.

    If you know someone who have a room for me, i would be happy.

    Tanks a lot !

  30. Laure Avatar

    Emily is there a way you could give me your email so that I can send you an invitation for the playgroup mailing list? I can’t find a contact on your blog. Maybe you could leave one on http://www.veganfamilies.eu , like on the Family Map? (you don’t have to give personal details or even exact location):
    Also if Jeanette is still around, I don’t have her email.

  31. AdonisSJ Avatar

    Hello Emily,

    I wanted to say thank you for gathering all of these resources for vegans in Paris. I am bringing my (vegan) girlfriend to Paris tomorrow and we will be using a lot of the information we picked up from your website. You rock.

    If you’re looking for lunch buddies, we’d love to take you out to lunch and learn more about being vegan in a city of cheese and meats. 🙂

    If not, then please accept our thanks for sharing your knowledge and help.

    Have a great day,


  32. Eva Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    that’s a very nice blog you have 🙂 I’ll be moving to Paris hopefully in december, and I’m already looking forward to trying out all those vegan options.
    If, by any chance, you know some vegans sharing an apartment who are searching for a new flatmate (or, of course, a small studio/apartment that is going to be available soon), it’d be great if you let me know 😉

  33. David Sherwood Avatar
    David Sherwood

    Hello there,

    I am looking for somewhere in Paris, of course as near the central attractions as possible for two of us to stay. We will arrive about Monday 15th Feb and may stay 4 nights.

    We noticed your city’s vegan b and b which has one room but costs about £150 per night.

    The rent an apartment starts from six nights, not four and begins at £70 per night.

    So now, thinking we would rather spend in Paris rather than in the hotel we are looking for somewhere nice but not too expensive and we shall just eat out all the time, never likely to rise for breakfast. Taking meals later in the day at one of your recommended places. Therefore the accommodation need not be veggie or vegan, in fact a bed only rate would suffice.

    Any accommodation suggestions most welcome.


  34. Jay Avatar

    Thank you very much for all the information about vegetarian restaurants!


  35. vegebon Avatar

    Hello Emily !
    I love your wall picture !! These sticks look so yummy I wonder if you could give their recipe ?
    Thanks a lot and have a great stay oversea !

  36. S Avatar

    Thank you for the blog! Please keep it up for posterity’s sake, even if you’re not living in Paris.
    –A vegan American with travel plans 🙂

  37. Capatrex Avatar

    Enjoyed your analysis of this fascinating topic. Saved and return for more entertaining discourse. Cheers.

  38. Louisa Avatar

    Hi Emily– I’m so glad there’s a blog about being vegan in Paris! I’m planning to spend a year abroad in Paris in the near future for school, and had resigned myself to a fate of ordinary “vegetarianism” for a year, since I’ve been told it would be extremely difficult/inconvenient to be vegan in Paris with all the cheese, butter, and eggs, and especially with a host family who might not fully understand the concept of veganism.

    As a Parisian, however, what is your take on this? Would it be possible for me to pull off my veganism in Paris, and do you think Parisians in general would be accommodating, or would it be a lost cause? Your input would definitely be appreciated!

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Louisa: That is a great question. Someone else asked a similar question a bit earlier on this same page – look for Lauren’s comment above and my reply.
      I think the key thing is to remember to be very clear about your dietary needs when you are applying for a homestay. This is much better than trying to explain things after you arrive. This may mean that some families are unwilling to host you, but it will also mean that the family who you eventually live with will probably be really cool.
      Don’t forget there are many simple Parisian pleasures you can join in with alongside your host family: get a vegan chocolate spread and join in the baguette party, try those egg-free galettes de Sarrasin when they break out the crêpes. There is no awesome butter alternative like “Earth Balance” but Olive Oil is everywhere.
      You can do it!

  39. aimeeshealthyliving Avatar

    salut emily,

    i just discovered you r blog and am adding it to my blogroll!
    i dream of living a vegan paris life!

    all the best,

  40. YVES TISSIER Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    After having written a first book about stinging nettle, published with sucess last year in Paris, I don’t find any publisher for a second book named : Vegetarian, a good choice ? You must know that there are very few vegetarians in France and that there is a kind of blackout about this subject in our society.
    So I seriously think to put the text in free download on the net.
    But it is in french, and I don’t speak good enough english to translate it. I would like to make the book available for all english speaking people. Would you be ready to help me in that view ?
    I can send you an extract of the book if you like to make a better opinion of the text.
    Best regards

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Yves,
      Sharing your work online would be an awesome gift to the world. Yes, I did notice that there was a real gap in the market for that kind of book in France. Unfortunately, I am not able to take on a translation, but maybe someone reading this post is a translator or knows one who would be willing to help out?

      1. Jonathan Avatar

        Hi Yves,

        I would be willing to help out on your project!
        I am a fluent English and French speaker, and if you’d like to contact me I’d be happy to speak more about it.



  41. Erin Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I just came across your website and wanted to thank you so much. My husband and I visited Paris for our honeymoon in 2006 and enjoyed a few of the veggie restaurants you have on your list. I’m sad to hear that La Victoire Suprême du Cœur closed. 😦

    Have you been to Piccolo Teatro
    Address: 6, rue des Ecouffes, 4th arrondissement
    Tel.: +33(0)1 42721779
    Metro: St-Paul
    Not vegetarian/vegan, but had a few options for us.

    Thanks again for the blog!

  42. Jonathan Avatar

    Hi Emily, hi all!

    I am a long term vegetarian (12 years) and, after a revealing trip to Brooklyn last week in which I met some amazing people, I finally decided to go vegan.

    I a half British and half French, having just graduated from law school and living in Paris right now, and would love to meet some like minded vegetarians/vegans to hang out with and try some yummy food.

    I can’t imagine going vegan in Paris as being an easy step, so meeting people who I can talk with and exchange experiences with would be amazing.

    If anyone out there is willing to make contact, here is my email: jonnyjboy@gmail.com

    Hoping to hear from people soon!

    Enjoy the Paris summer,


  43. nora Avatar

    Hi there,
    I am traveling to Paris tomorrow, and I am Vegan//Gluten Free//pretty raw. I juice a lot.
    Thank you SO much for your blog, I will follow it along my trip 🙂


  44. Gillian Avatar

    Hi Emily, and all,
    Your website is fantastic! I am traveling to Paris next week from NYC for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and I will be sure to try some of your recommendations. If anyone wants to get together for a vegan meal while I am in Paris, drop me a line at gls326@hotmail.com before I leave so we can coordinate a restaurant to meet up at! Happy eating, Gillian

  45. pivain Avatar


    Entrez dans l’Ère Végétale avec le salon Paris Vegan Day 2011 à la Bellevilloise (19 rue Boyer Paris XXème) le premier weekend d’Octobre 2011 de 10h à 19h!

    Nous vous proposons de participer au salon en devenant Exposant Privilégié.

    Voici une présentation qui pourra vous renseigner:

    Paris Vegan Day est géré par une association loi 1901 existante de mars 2010 composée de plus de 300 membres bénévoles passionnés par les rencontres et les échanges, qui se mobilisent pendant près d’une année pour offrir un salon de qualité quand vient l’hiver.

    L’association a pour objet la promotion, le développement et la démocratisation du mode de vie vegan.

    Composée d’amateurs de cuisine bio, d’individuels vegan, d’écologistes, d’entreprises vegan, l’association organise des rencontres régulières, ateliers et présentations pour faire découvrir ce mode de vie écologique, sain et sans aucune cruauté envers d’autres espèces.

    Pour plus d’informations au sujet de l’association et de cet évènement, voir http://www.parisveganday.fr/, ou contacter Deborah Brown Pivain, présidente de l’association au ou Caroline Pivain par courrier électronique à communication@parisveganday.fr

    Le salon Paris Vegan Day s’oriente depuis deux ans vers la mise en œuvre d’un salon / festival 100% végétal au sens large. Cette journée est composée de stands, d’ateliers, de conférences et de débats autour de sujets constituant les raisons de ce mode de vie 100% responsable. La découverte de ce salon a fait le plaisir de plus de 4 500 personnes l’année passée.

    Ce succès, le salon le doit à une programmation de qualité, à un remarquable investissement des membres de l’association, à une passion partagée pour les rencontres autour de la gastronomie, l’écologie, le respect de la vie animale et pour le bien-être et la santé.

    Après une édition 2010 faisant appel à des associations et entreprises régionales aux beaux parcours, le salon confirme, pour cette année 2011, sa volonté de faire découvrir de nombreuses jeunes entreprises, des associations dynamiques européennes et des ateliers et conférences pleins de sensations.

    Les atouts du lieu: La Bellevilloise – Paris XXème :

    – facile d’accès (métro, bus, périphérique et parking à proximité etc.)

    – 2000m2 d’espaces répartis en plusieurs espaces

    – Espace d’accueil VIP, Exposants, etc.

    – Fréquentation importante et bonne notoriété du lieu

    – Convivialité assurée

    Les stands 2011:

    Le salon attend une centaine de stands (association, entreprises etc.) pour le plus grand plaisir des visiteurs…

    Les aménagements 2011:

    Des scènes pour les conférences, les démonstrations culinaires, les « concerts acoustiques » etc…

    Des espaces de détentes avec tables, chaises pour déguster les dernières nouveautés et surprises culinaires végétales.

    Un village « Bio et Bon » dans les espaces extérieures de la Bellevilloise.

    Et pleins d’autres surprises…

    Les nouveautés 2011:

    Un salon sur 2 jours

    Un salon à caractère européen

    Une dominante culinaire

  46. Rion Lyle Avatar

    Salut Emily!
    Thank you for your blog!
    I’m a Portlander, living in Paris. Been here for the last year and a half doing my masters in Development Economics and Project Management.
    When I was 11 I went vegetarian, and at 12 I went vegan.
    I actually just returned yesterday from 3 months of working on a permaculture farm in South Africa.
    I’m now on the hunt for a job and a place to live. Any suggestions?
    Do you know of any Vegetarian/Vegan colocations?
    Also, I was wondering if maybe you would want to have more people be contributors to VeganParis.com. I would be interested in contributing content.
    Also, I saw you posted about a Vegan Potluck a couple years ago, any plans to do that again?
    Wishing you well!!

  47. Earl Killian Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you so much for this site. I’m going to be moving to Paris in mid-September, and being vegan, I’ll be using your listings a lot. I really appreciate that you’ve gone to the work to create such a list.

  48. annemarie Avatar

    Hello Emily,

    Love your Blog!

    I am a Vegan, Canadian Naturopathe living in Neuilly, and would love to hire for my family a Vegan or Vegetarian Chef/cook
    , long term for 3 times per week. It would include preparing the menus, grocery shopping at heath food stores, and cooking, mostly raw if possible… Would you know anyone to recommand or have suggestions on where to post an ad? With all good wishes. Anne Marie: annemarie@livemedia.fr

    1. Maria Avatar

      Anne Marie, This sounds like my dream job! I was a raw food chef in Los Angles a few years ago, and I’ve been vegan since 2000. One day I’d love to move to France… but I’m not quite ready to do that yet. Good luck to you in your search! I wish I could be your chef:) – Maria

  49. Maria Avatar

    Emily, Iam so happy to have found your blog! Planning a trip to Paris next month and TripAdvisor just doesn’t have much vegan info. 😦 Thank you for doing this!!! – Maria

  50. Caroff Jean François Avatar

    Hello Emily, congratulations for this oppurtunity you offer here in Paris.

    You maight know our restaurant Voy Alimento and our superfood brand Sol-semilla.fr; I’m in charge fo developping the brand in organic shops, if you are interested in some of our proudcuts for your ktichen, i can give you the professional prices.
    With pleasure to meet you here or there.
    jeff 06 21 88 37 23 jfc@sol-semilla.fr

  51. ann Avatar

    thanks so much for keeping a blog with info for vegan foodies in paris! i love your advice…hope it’s ok that i’m linking to your homepage in my own blog so my readers can get your insights!

  52. Jo Avatar

    Hi Emily!
    I’m so excited, I found your blog!!! Whooo-hoooo 🙂
    Thank you for your great and extensive informations!
    Best wishes, Jo

  53. Rai Avatar

    Many thanks to Emily for her fantastic blog and also to everyone who have posted useful tips on vegan eating in Paris. I’ll be travelling from Sydney to Paris for a holiday next year, and I was at first concerned I would struggle to find vegan eating places (as I’ve heard from travellers that France is not vegan friendly). Now I won’t need to be concerned! I cannot wait to try out the suggested vegan food places.



  54. terri stevens Avatar
    terri stevens

    hi emily
    i am bringing my 13 year old daughter to paris on 14th february for two nights. she would like to go to the eiffel tower and look at some art galleries. i am looking for somewhere to stay that is non smoking and vegetarian and wondered if you had any ideas?
    looking forward to hearing from you
    kind wishes

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Terri,

      My number 1 recommendation would have to be Gentle Gourmet http://veganparis.com/2011/01/17/eat-and-sleep-vegan-at-gentle-gourmet-bb/

      I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful trip!


  55. Arnaud Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this information ! i’ll have it much easier now…

  56. Marya Avatar

    Thank you so much for your blog. I am going to be traveling to France in a couple of months. While we plan to spend most of our time in Paris, we are also planning to do some wine and champagne touring in Reims and Bordeaux. Do you have any suggestions about getting vegan meals in places outside of Paris, particularly Reims? Thank you for your help.

  57. Priscilla Avatar

    Bonjour Emily,
    It was a pleasure to find your blog while searching for vegan Paris restaurants! We plan to visit either late 2012 or early 2013.
    Merci, Priscilla

  58. jody gardner Avatar
    jody gardner

    Hi – We are returning to Paris once again but now my 17 year old daughter is vegan (like me) and gluten-free (obviously not by choice!) Help! I can’t imagine what we will eat for breakfast without being able to eat baguettes! Do you have any suggestions? GF Bakeries? THe problem with most gluten-free is that it contains dairy!
    Thanks so much!

  59. danaliese Avatar

    Hi Emily, I am a vegan chef looking for work in Paris, is there anywhere you can recommend that I look for work? I have been a vegan chef for 3 years now and would love to work in Paris!!! Any suggestions are gratefully received!! Email me at dradley@dradley.com. All my very best wishes, Day Radley

  60. danaliese Avatar

    Hi Emily, I am a vegan chef looking for work in Paris and thought you may have some recommendations of places to try. Any suggestions will be very gratefully received. All my very best wishes, Day Radley

  61. Lily Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I’ll be celebrating my big 30 in Paris soon and would like your top 5 recommendations for chic vegan restaurants (if they’re organic, all the better). If there are some trustworthy organic juice bars where they really have high quality organic veggies please let me know about those too.

    Merci bien!

  62. chantman17 Avatar

    Hello Emily! I am so excited to find your blog. I don’t know when I will visit Paris again (I wish I had had your book with me the first time I went, in 2010), but when I do go back, I will be sure to keep your book with me at all times! I am not a vegan – I was for a number of years, but have reverted to eating meat – but I still abstain from dairy products because I am allergic. So vegan food, especially vegan baked goods, are still very much a part of my diet!

    Incidentally, I linked to your blog on my recent post: http://dairyfreetraveler.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/dairy-free-in-paris-france-a-progress-report/

    All the best,

  63. Malgosia Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I’ve recently moved to Paris and your blog made my feel way better in a completely new city and meat-loving French culture. Thank you very much! Malgosia

  64. megan wilcox Avatar
    megan wilcox

    i just sent my friend your website for her upcoming paris stay ~ wish i could have a summer jaunt (like her) to enjoy some of these finds of your’s! i’ll live vicariously (:

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Megan! I hope your friend likes the site and has a good time on her trip. If she has any questions, let me know.


  65. Alix Santilli Avatar
    Alix Santilli

    Hi Emily,

    I’m travelling to Paris in about a week. I’m newly vegan (for health reasons), but the folks I’ll be with are not. There is no way they would consider a Vegan restaurant. (They are sweet, but it just wouldn’t happen.) Any tips on surviving this trip?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Alix,

      You should be sure to go to Rue des Rosiers: they have the best Falafel sandwiches and your friends can have a (gross) schwarma.

      Lebanese restaurants would be great for both of you. Here’s a list I made.

      If you end up popping into french cafés there is always going to be a wonderful salad with a basket of bread and of course frites. There’ll often be lentil salad on the menu. This cafe, Le Pick-clops, has a great quinoa and lentil salad.

      If your friends are grabbing a baguette sandwich from one of the innumerable sellers on every street, you can always request a mustard, lettuce and tomato baguette.

      And be sure to pop into one of the natural stores, like Naturalia. You can load up on vegan provisions while your friends get their meat.

      If you want to splash out you could try Passage Obligé. They used be all vegan, but now they have a mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

  66. Helen Avatar

    So excited to have found your blog and will buy your ebook next time we travel to Paris!!! Merci ma petit chou!

  67. Deb Levine Avatar
    Deb Levine

    Emily, love your book. Great job! Can’t wait to try your recommended restaurants when I visit Paris in September. This trip, I hope I’ll join the ranks who rave about the food in Paris. Many thanks!

  68. lilacshrieks Avatar

    Awesome blog!

    I’m going to Paris in a few weeks and I have a husband who is vegan and gluten-free (I’m vegan and mostly gluten-free too). So far in my research, I’ve discovered a bunch of vegetarian restaurants with options sans gluten, but I’m on the hunt for vegan gf macaroons and vegan gf crepes…Any tips?

    I know this is pushing my luck, but thought I’d try! 🙂


    1. veganparis Avatar

      Glad you like the blog! Check out my post on gluten-free Buckwheat Crêpes http://veganparis.com/2008/12/19/buckwheat-crepes/ and on Essene Macaroons, which aren’t real macaroons but they are GF and I really like them http://veganparis.com/2009/01/18/essene-macaroons/

      If you find anything great let me know and I can post it for others to try.

  69. Janee Pierre-Louis Avatar
    Janee Pierre-Louis

    Hello! I recently arrived in Paris and one of my children has severe egg allergy. I can’t seem to find any egg-free bread or pastries anywhere! Do you have any ideas that you can share with me? Please, I’m desperate!


    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Janee,

      I find that a lot of the bread in the bakeries – with the exception of brioche and other such fluffy breads – is egg free. One useful thing to know is that by law, “baguette tradition” can only contain flour, leavening, water, and salt, so as long as you order “tradition” you can be sure you are not getting eggs.

      As for yummy pastries…forget about that 😦 but the Loving Hut and Gentle Gourmet restaurants have vegan croissants. The natural food stores do carry a lot of packaged breads and baked goods which are vegan, organic and well labelled.

      Hope that helps!

  70. Alejandra J., Avatar
    Alejandra J.,

    Hi Emily

    Thousand of thanks for this noble work of sharing your recommendations towards vegan stuff in Paris. I’m visiting the city in about a week and already have in route some of the places you’ve reviewed it. 🙂

  71. Christopher Greenslate Avatar

    Hi Emily, love your blog.

    My fiancee and I are getting married in France next summer and are currently looking for recommendations for a chef / baker who can cater. The event will be in Perche, but we’re hoping to find a Parisian team that would be willing to travel 1.5 hours west. In addition to a four course meal with light drinks and hors d’oeuvres, we’d like a vegan wedding cake. Any suggestions?

    Christopher and Jenny

  72. Deborah Avatar

    Hi Christopher and Jenny,

    Congratulations! The Gentle Gourmet ( Gentle Gourmet Café) which is a 100% vegan establishment has been catering weddings since 2009 and goes anywhere in France. They can be contacted at

    Deborah Brown Pivain
    president Association Paris Vegan Days
    owner Gentle Gourmet

  73. Emma Tynan Avatar

    AMAZING!!!! I’m so happy I found your blog 🙂 Vegan Paris Joy!!! ex

  74. Peter Avatar

    Excellent blog! Looking forward to visit some of these restaurants for our next visit to Paris! Just to let you know that we have launched a new website listing the majority of all vegan (and vegetarian) hotels in France:


    or to directly show all French hotels:


  75. Mick Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    Going to Paris this week-end (tomorrow) and I looked up for “La victoire supreme du coeur” and found your article that the place has closed down 😦 sad 😦 had such nice memories of that place and realised now that it must have been 2004 /2005, basically in my past life.
    Nice blog 🙂

  76. doctorofrock Avatar

    Recently traveled to Paris; your blog was super-helpful in planning my trip. I wrote up my culinary experience as a blog entry (and thank’d you there too): http://bit.ly/12ySOvQ . Thanks!

  77. Tobias Avatar

    Hi Emily,
    I wanted to bring my wife to Paris for her birthday in July and I had once read in Vegnews Magazine about a Vegan(-friendly) Hotel in Paris… I unfortunately lost the magazine so I don’t have the name anymore… Any chance you could help me out?


    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Tobias, It must have been the Gentle Gourmet bed and breakfast, (http://veganparis.com/2011/01/17/eat-and-sleep-vegan-at-gentle-gourmet-bb/) but sadly they closed down. However, they opened up a great café and perhaps if you dropped them a line they might have some ideas. I don’t know of any at present. (http://veganparis.com/2012/08/02/gentle-gourmet-cafe/)

  78. Hyojin Kim Avatar

    Hi Emily,

    I’m going to paris next month on Oct. 12-13 from South Korea. Since I’m teaching rawfood here in Seoul, I hope if I can get a chance to participate any great raw food cooking class on weekend overthere. Also, I would like to know if there is any great rawfood or vegan restaurant. Any chance you could help me out..?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. veganparis Avatar

      You’ll be there during Paris Vegan Day and they’ll be giving cooking classes and a conference. http://www.parisveganday.fr/#section1
      As for a raw restaurant, try Pousse-Pousse.
      Have a great trip!

  79. RedundantVegan (@redundantvegan) Avatar

    if you had to say three must visit restaurants, which would they be?

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Gentle Gourmet, Sol Semilla, L’As du Fallafel

  80. hyojin kim Avatar

    Thank you soooo much!^^ It’s a big help! Have a good day! 🙂

  81. Laura Avatar

    I’m a high raw and wondered what I’d find in Paris when I’m there next month! This us an awesome resource- so glad I found it and you!

    Thank you!

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Thanks Laura! You’ll find plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables at the many markets. “Pousse Pousse” is the restaurant for raw food. There are also juice bars – “Bob’s Juice Bar” and “Kitchen” are my favorites and they also sometimes serve young Thai coconuts. Restaurants and cafés will have wonderful salads for you, usually dressed with olive oil, vinegar and dijon. Carottes râpées is also ubiquitous. You’ll also find kombucha, Essene bread, seaweed, and raw nut butters and bars at natural food stores.

      Have fun!

  82. Marian White Avatar

    hummm….looks inviting. we are planning a trip to Paris for ten days in October 2014 to celebrate our 60th birthdays and being vegan for 40 years! look forward to eating at some of those vegan restaurants. Now looking for the right place to stay….

  83. bastilleasparagus Avatar

    hi Emily, I love your writing style! And all the information is great too. : ) I’ve just returned from my first trip to Paris and your blog was a huge help. : ) Thanks.

  84. Lauzan Avatar

    Hi Emily, I’ve just found your (great) blog! Italian in the suburbs of Paris and vegan! Looking forward to reading you! 🙂

  85. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.

    Hi Emily!
    My husband and I (both vegan) are vacationing in Paris this fall. Do you have any suggestions for neighborhoods we should look to stay in? We are planning on renting a place, and wish to have something close to public transportation and some delicious vegan eateries.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Katie,

      I love the Marais and from there you can walk to many Vegan restaurants and there are also many great little apartments available to rent there. Here’s an example of one in a great location that’s quite affordable. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1441373

  86. Elena Avatar

    Dear Emily,
    I’m going to move to Paris in fall for a 12 months assignment of my lifepartner. We have a daughter 2,5 years old. She attends the kindergarden here in Italy and I had no problem in having vegan meals at school providing a pediatrician certificate.
    How things work in France? I read that vegan diet is illegal (?) in french schools. I hope was a fake but I’m a bit lost…I wrote to a private school but received no reply yet…
    How do you menage school meals for your daughter? Thank you for all the information you can give me!

    1. veganparis Avatar

      Hi Elena, I wrote a post about my experience at three different schools here: http://veganparis.com/2009/03/23/vegan-kids-at-paris-schools/

      I hope you find it useful! Good luck with everything!

  87. Princess Loirenne Adao Avatar

    Hi Emily! 🙂 I’m so happy I’ve found your blog! I’m not yet vegan but I’m slowly making small dietary changes in my lifestyle.. :)) thank you for being such an inspiration..by the way, i really want to move in to Paris and work for Vegan Pastry Chefs and really learn about the craft.

    Would you happen to know good restaurants there that serve really delish Vegan pastries? and even Pastry Chefs as well?

    Would really appreciate your reply 🙂
    thank you! 🙂


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