Grand Reopening – ‘Un Monde Vegan’ Vegan Boutique

Exciting news, Paris Vegans! After briefly closing down their showroom to expand it, Un Monde Vegan is about ready to reopen in its new incarnation as an awesome vegan boutique.

The store will be 100% vegan and stock over 1000 products ranging from vegan cheese to toothpaste to shoes.

The grand opening is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th.  Check their website, though, because that date may be subject to change. Also keep an eye on Vegan Folie’s Facebook page, because they have been talking about doing a free cookie promotion for people who shop at Un Monde Vegan.

The store location is

64 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth – 75003 Paris
M ° Strasbourg St Denis (exit 2, rue St Martin) or M°  Republic

tel. : 01 42 77 49 58

Their hours will be Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 19h .


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